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Relevant ?

Last year, I realized that I needed to do something different with Double Down Ranch. So, I invested thousands upon thousands of dollars in to developing this place into an entertainment venue versus strictly a boarding facility. My health issues really made the endeavor difficult. I persisted with a park setting with fire pit and pavilion, a new playground, shelters, storage shed, handicapped mounting platform and other improvements. All were done to facilitate birthday parties, weddings, picnics, photo shoots, and horseback riding. It was to be our future, so I invested time, swet, and money.

How's that working out? Horribly. Did I mention the tons of money advertising and web development?

So, now I'm fighting to stay relevant in these coronavirus times. A blog post here and there is all I could come up with.

Looks like a rough road ahead. It's extremely difficult to stay optimistic. I wish I had something prolific and insightful to say. It's all I can do to not say, "F it all" and give up. Stay well everyone.

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